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The Damage of Indefinite Detention

Each week from 21 September until 18 December (International Migrants Day), Unlocking Detention has been shining a spotlight on a detention centre – allowing people to share their experiences of the week’s detention centre (either from being detained, or knowing or supporting someone who has) and their views on immigration detention in the UK. It is a project from Detention Forum, a network of organisations working together to challenge the UK’s use of detention.

Last week our own Colleen Molloy wrote a blog for Unlocking Detention detailing the interaction the City of Sanctuary movement has with detention, and the adverse effects that indefinite detention has on the detainees. As Colleen says, many of us at City of Sanctuary “have learned from bitter experience about the inhumane process and painful journey that many asylum seekers experience in the bid to seek freedom and safety in the UK (but) the most heart-rending and shocking experiences that our volunteers on the ground have found is that of the arbitrary detention of asylum seekers, often at the point of reporting and at the most unexpected of times.”

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