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Sanctuary in Parliament: Our Voices heard in Westminster

We came from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and all over England. We came as sanctuary seekers from Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Congo, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Sri Lanka and many other countries. We came as old and young sanctuary activists from different backgrounds, cultures and religions. We came to a Parliament groaning with divisions over heavy decisions. We were hosted and supported by Caroline Lucas MP and other MPs from all parties, members of the growing All Party Parliamentary Group for Refugees – all keen to hear our refugee representatives speak out. Our message was simple, incisive and clearly delivered by those who have the greatest right to speak: REFUGEES NEED SANCTUARY.  Over 40 MPs from all parts of UK and all political parties stopped by, they were all impressed with our gathering, impacted by our speakers, and all said they are committed to our message. Times are tough, but we are more determined than ever to unite and stand strong under the sanctuary banner. During the past year, unimaginable ground has been gained for sanctuary. We are not going away!