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House of Lords debate to annul cuts to support rates for asylum seeking children

Can you write in support of the motion to annul the cut to asylum support in the Lords? 

Baroness Hamwee’s motion to annul the regulations which were introduced in August that cut asylum support rates to children will be debated Tuesday 27 October in the House of Lords (Asylum Support (Amendment No 3) Regulations 2015).  This provides an opportunity to show the Government that there is considerable concern about the cut and for Peers to vote against these measures.

Please contact any Peers you know and ask them to attend and speak in favour of the motion. Or go to Write to Them and find a Lord (or two) to write to.

For more information you can see our earlier article about the opposition to this cut in rates which leaves  families struggling to pay for basics such as new shoes and school uniforms let alone books or toys for their children.

On the 16th July 2015, the Government introduced a new statutory instrument (Asylum Support (Amendment No 3) Regulations 2015) that reduced asylum support for all people seeking asylum to a single flat rate. This substantially reduced the amount given to children seeking refugee protection.  The internationally recognised poverty threshold, or ‘poverty line’, is defined as living on less than 60% of the median UK household income. This decision has forced a couple with a child to live on just under £111 per week, 60% below the poverty threshold. we need the House of Lords to pass this motion because it is the UK’s moral duty to adequately support the small number of asylum seekers who do safely reach our shores. We should at least insist that the Government commit to increasing asylum support rates to 70% of income support.