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Refugee Crisis: Call from the legal community for urgent action

342 legal professionals, including a number of senior judges and QCs, have signed a statement calling for an urgent, humane and effective governmental response to the refugee crisis. It specifically calls for:

  • the UK to take a fair and proportionate share of refugees, both those already within the EU and those still outside it; the creation of safe and legal routes from outside of Europe to the EU and the UK;
  • the creation of safe and legal routes within the EU, including the UK;
  • and fair and thorough legal procedures to determine eligibility for international protection wherever it is sought.

Click here for the full text and further information.

Last month over 300 academics signed an open letter calling on the government to do ‘much, much more to help Europe’s refugees’ It argued that the current government position is ‘bad policy, bad politics and a betrayal of a proud British tradition’. It also said

“There is also no logic of refusing to help those fleeing conflict because doing so will not resolve the conflict. It is akin to leaving people in a burning building because rescuing them won’t help put out the fire.” Click here for the full text and list of signatories.

Meanwhile the Home Affairs Select Committee has held an evidence session with the Minister responsible for Syrian refugees in the UK, Richard Harrington MP on Tuesday 13th October. The Minister gave evidence in relation to the Committee inquiry into Europe’s migration crisis and the situation in Calais.

An important theme that City of Sanctuary will be covering at the Sanctuary in Parliament event on Tuesday 1st December is that of safe and legal routes, when refugee speakers will share their  journeys and their experiences of resettlement with MPs.

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