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Red Cross launch help line and their shops are now receiving donated goods for European Refugee Crisis.

If you have surplus donated goods – you can give them to your nearest Red Cross shop (they have a “Shop Drop” for the Refugee Crisis ) and for a limited period you can ask for the proceeds of your donation to go to their work with refugees in Europe.

The Red Cross helpline has been launched for people who want to support refugees The Europe Refugee Crisis Support Line number is 0800 107 8727. The helpline is supported by the Home Office. It will signpost members of the public to the groups and organisations that can best help them get involved in responding to the crisis. It will point people in the right direction for everything from donating goods to offering accommodation. The helpline will be staffed daily from 9am to 7pm.

You can also contact your local City of Sanctuary group to offer help in developing a culture of welcome across all spaces and places for asylum seekers and refugees and to join us in campaigning  for a more humane asylum system. Our groups are in touch with thousands of asylum seekers across the UK.