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Responding to the refugee crisis

The past week has seen extraordinary scenes. Countless phone calls, emails, messages of support, new groups springing up, 400,000 emails to Cameron,  40 UK councils wanting to welcome Syrians, 12,000 beds offered in Ireland, vigils, marches, ​media requests… What a moment to be alive.

City of Sanctuary has received unprecedented numbers of enquiries. offers of help and messages of good will. Local groups are taking action to organise aid within their communities and beyond. The Bristol group was featured in an article in the Guardian on Sunday and local groups are appearing across local and national media.

For information about how to help in your local area, please contact your local group. You can find them here. 
Here are a few things to consider as we move forward

Partnership working is essential… This is bigger ​than any organisation.​

This is a marathon, not a sprint. We’ll be thinking about how we can harness and harvest this outpouring in the middle and long term.

We need to think creatively about local opportunities for people offering help.

Our media resources are available to help you engage and speak to the media.

Its important to have a few facts and figures at your finger tips for conversations at work, home and college.

We will be working on resources around hosting in the coming weeks.