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ASAP Report the Refusal of Fresh claims and Section 4 (S4) Support

We are circulating below a timely reminder from the excellent Asylum Support Appeals Project (ASAP), with very helpful Section 4 urgent contact details – we have been seeing the disturbing process they describe unfolding dramatically, since the General election; if you know of anyone likely to be affected it will be well worth taking note of suggestions.

Here at ASAP we are dealing with a glut of appeals due to the Further Submissions Unit refusing loads of fresh claims, which are then immediately being acted on by the S4 team, to discontinue support.  As you know, the S4 team no longer sends out a warning letter, but instead within about 3 weeks of the refusal decision sends out the discontinuation decision.

As you’ll be aware, many of these appeals are being allowed, on the basis that further steps in the asylum/immigration case are being taken, such as a Pre-Action Protocol (PAP) having been sent or other steps in the preparation of a Judicial Review (JR).  Or yet further submissions have been (or are about to be) lodged.

As you know, the S4 team will not proactively contact the supported person or their representative to check on the situation before issuing a discontinuation decision. However, we urge you and/or their immigration practitioner to email them to keep them updated.  [email protected]

They say this email address is constantly manned Email address, from which a reply should be sent within 24 hours.

This way you prevent your clients being put at risk of destitution and going through the hassle of an appeal.   And the scrabbling around for proof of the JR etc just in time for the Asylum Support Tribunal (AST) hearing is also avoided.

Please contact ASAP if you have any queries.  They will be interested to see if emailing the S4 team works.

Asylum Support Appeals Project (ASAP)   Tel: 020 3716 0284 ext 206 fax: 020 3716 0272

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Please note our Advice Line number is 020 3716 0283   The Advice Line operates Monday/Wednesday and Friday 2-4pm

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