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Latest Statistics on the Mediterranean Crossings from UNHCR

Stats on the Mediterranean crossings

UNHCR has provided some very useful statistics on this issue: in 2015, there have been approximately 62,500 arrivals in Europe (Italy approx. 35,500 – UNHCR figures; Greece 26,194 Jan-30 Apr 2015 – UNHCR Figures; Malta 91 – official figures; Spain 920 – official figures as of 20 Apr 2015).  There have been over 1,800 deaths/people missing (compared to 3,500 deaths/missing for the whole of 2014). The nationalities of those making the crossing to the end of April, indicates that the majority are fleeing conflict and persecution:
1. Syria 33%
2. Afghanistan 10%
3. Eritrea 10%
4. Somalia 8%
5. Nigeria 5%

Data from Frontex also states that Syrians make up the largest number of people making the crossing. These figures reflect what many of us know – that most people who take enormous risks to cross the Mediterranean in small boats do so because they have little choice and making dangerous journeys to seek sanctuary, is better than continuing war, conflict, persecution and violence. 

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