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Refugee Action calls for lasting policy solutions to the refugee crisis

Today Refugee Action launched a petition specifically calling for Britain to take the lead in developing lasting solutions including resettlement  and to work with other countries following the election to develop a collective positive European response to the crisis in the Mediterranean. Partners like Save the Children and Amnesty have been doing fantastic work. But their focus is very much on search and rescue, and longer-term solutions are needed. The UK is among the less progressive countries in the EU with its strong message about deterring people-smuggling and that no asylum seekers would be welcome in the UK.

Refugee Action CEO Stephen Hale wrote a short blog after the European summit last week on this. Refugee Council, Scottish Refugee Council and Refugee Action have published a short briefing on policy solutions last week: Joint Briefing – A Protection Based Response to the Crisis in The Mediterranean.

Please share the petition and help get the message across.