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Open letter to David Cameron: Building Fortress Europe has disgracefully deadly results

City of Sanctuary joins 18 charities in plea to The Prime Minister to respond to the crisis in the Mediterranean, by prioritising the saving of lives and to open up routes to safety.

On Monday 20th April, City of Sanctuary held its AGM in Leicester, with representatives from over 25 cities across the UK from Glasgow to Plymouth and also from Dublin. It was an inspirational, exciting and encouraging day, a welcome reminder that we have a positive message and we are not alone. A Report will be available next month.

Maurice Wren from The Refugee Council, the keynote speaker, referred to the appalling stories, statistics and trends in the global refugee situation that surrounds and propels all we do. We noted the terrible stories coming daily from the Mediterranean, and the AGM unanimously joined 18 other charities as signatories to the open letter to David Cameron, which was published in The Independent on Tuesday 21st April.

Here below is the copy of the letter. We are proud to work together with these voices of compassion and against xenophobia.

What you can do:

  • If you only have a few minutes, visit The Independent online, read through and at the bottom, click to indicate that you strongly agree with the article, then send it on via whatever social media or email lists you are subscribed to.
  • If you have a bit longer please consider sending this letter on to your parliamentary candidates and asking them to endorse it.

Dear Prime Minister,

We are devastated by the crisis happening in the Mediterranean. Every day we’re witnessing more and more men, women and children losing their lives on Europe’s doorstep.

Although we’re deeply saddened by recent events, we’re not surprised. While wars raging overseas are driving more people to flee their homes than at any other time since the Second World War, Europe has been building its walls ever higher.

The gloomy backdrop to the horrific human tragedy occurring in the Mediterranean is that there is a lack of safe and legal ways for refugees to access protection in Europe. Britain offers no ‘asylum visa’.

As a matter of urgency, the UK and others must immediately restart the search and rescue operation in the Mediterranean and ensure it has the money it needs to make a difference. We know that it saves lives; Italy’s Mare Nostrum saved over 150,000 people last year.

In the medium term, the UK must resettle many more refugees from conflict zones around the world, bringing them directly and safely to our shores. We must also make it easier for refugees to reunite with their relatives. In the long term, greater efforts must be made to tackle the reasons why people flee in the first place.

Syrians are just one group having their escape routes closed off by European immigration policies. For a Syrian family trying to find protection in the UK there is virtually no safe and legal way of getting here.

There is no easy answer to this crisis, but the solution can never be to impassively watch on while desperate people drown. Until safer ways to seek refuge are found, more people will be forced into the hands of smugglers and onto unseaworthy boats in their search for a safe haven. At the moment, European immigration policies leave many with no other choice.

Building the walls of fortress Europe has had disgracefully deadly results. It’s time for a new approach, which prioritises saving lives and opening up alternative routes to safety. As we’ve seen, it’s a matter of life and death.

Yours sincerely,

Maurice Wren, British Refugee Council Chief Executive
Jan Shaw, Refugee Programme Director, Amnesty International UK
Mark Goldring, Chief Executive, Oxfam GB
Tiffy Allen, Chief Executive, City of Sanctuary
Professor Bridget Anderson, Director of Research, Centre On Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS), University of Oxford
Zrinka Bralo, Executive Director, Migrant and Refugee Communities Forum
Don Flynn, Director of Migrants Rights Network
Saira Grant, Legal & Policy Director, Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants
Stephen Hale, Refugee Action, Chief Executive
Almir Koldzic, Counterpoints Arts, Co-Director
Nick Lowles, Chief Executive, HOPE not hate
Susan Munroe, Chief Executive, Freedom From Torture
Wayne Myslik, Chief Executive, Asylum Aid
Eiri Ohtani, Coordinator, The Detention Forum
Nazek Ramadan, Director, Migrant Voice
Dr Trevor Trueman, Oromo Relief Group
John Wilkes, Chief Executive, Scottish Refugee Council
Emma Williams, Chief Executive, Student Action for Refugees and Regional Asylum Activism
Fr. Peter Balleis SJ, International Director, Jesuit Refugee Service