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Earlier this year, Refugee Action took the Home Office to court over their decision to freeze the rate of financial support given to asylum seekers while they wait for a decision on their claim (Section 95 support). After the High Court ruled in our favour, the Home Office reviewed its decision-making process on this issue.

Shockingly, the Home Office decided to keep Section 95 support at its current level – which can be as little as £5.23 a day. Refugee Action (along with the rest of the Refugee Sector) believes this decision will leave many asylum seekers unable to meet their essential living needs, and so Refugee Action are continuing to lobby for an asylum support rate that’s dignified and fair.


The Home Office might think the current rate of support for a single asylum seeker (as little as £5.23 a day) is fair, but we know many people disagree with their decision. Refugee Action are calling on people to call for a fairer level of asylum support (70% of income support) by asking their MP to sign EDM 99.

So far, 74 MPs have signed EDM 99. We’d like to reach 100 before the November recess (starts November 11th) – getting this issue onto the agenda before the General Election in 2015.


From 10am on November 3rd until 5pm on November 7th, Refugee Action will be asking our supporters to tweet the following message to their MP:

As your constituent, I don’t think asylum seekers should have to live on £5.23 a day. Please sign EDM 99:

Supporters can find their MP on Twitter using

Refugee Action are encouraging other organisations to ask their supporters to join the action. To make this possible, the tweet links directly to the EDM.