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New national charity “Growing Points” supports City of Sanctuary

Growing Points is a new national charity supporting people from excluded communities to do great things: to help them reach positions of leadership within their communities and chosen fields by connecting them with people who “are in the know”.

We are delighted that they have now signed up as Associate Members of City of Sanctuary thus pledging their support to asylum seekers and our volunteers. This can open new doors for asylum seekers and we welcome Growing Points in engaging in building inclusivity for asylum seekers and refugees and in joining the mainstream support for the network of welcome in cities of sanctuary.

National Streams Coordinator, Rose McCarthy, invited one of their representatives to meet with a group of City of Sanctuary volunteers in Leeds, who are mainly asylum seekers and refugees.

Rose said

“Considering she had not met the group of women before, I was really impressed with the way she put them at their ease and enabled them to open up. We could tell by her open manner and
great listening skills that she genuinely cared and wanted to help. The volunteers have grown in confidence as a result of volunteering. They are ready to move on but they don’t know how. This is where Growing Points can help. They have been really efficient at arranging meetings, sending me information and finding guardians for the volunteers. They have now signed up as a supporting organisation for the City of Sanctuary and would love to work with our groups throughout the UK.”

One of the volunteers wrote afterwards “A lady is coming to meet me, feeling excited about that, I do hope something positive comes out of it…it actually feels like a whole new path has been opened for
me…hoping it goes in the right direction.”

More information about Growing Points is available in the attachment below and at

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