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New Guides issued for groups and individuals who want to contribute to the Detention Inquiry

The first ever Parliamentary inquiry into detention was launched on 7th July 2014. The inquiry is jointly led by the All Party Parliamentary Groups on Refugees and Migration, and marks the first dedicated Parliamentary inquiry into the impact and implications of the use of immigration detention.
The deadline for submissions is 1st October 2014. The first oral evidence session will take place on 17th July 2014.

If you know anyone who has experienced detention you may wish to support them to take part in the inquiry.
The Detention Forum is encouraging its members and others to make submissions to the detention inquiry and will try to engage parliamentarians and others during the inquiry.

They are producing two guides, a guide for groups (community organisations and groups who wish to make submissions to the inquiry and who are interested in hosting local ‘hearings’ to gather evidence for submission and a guide for individuals (i.e. people who are in detention or who have experience of detention). Both guides and a sample submission form are attached below.

These guides are available to everyone who needs it in the hope that more people, particularly those people with direct experience of detention, feel confident about making their voices heard. Detention Forum members are looking for partners to host local ‘hearings’ together. Others are willing to travel to your hearing to provide practical help.

The period from now until the publication of the Inquiry Report early next year provides us with good opportunities to raise these issues publicly. City of Sanctuary groups wishing to engage with this important opportunity should contact The Forum at [email protected] or visit their website.

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Detention Inquiry Guide for groups 2014 708.4 KB
Detention Inquiry Guide for individuals 2014 670.15 KB
Sample Submission_ Form The Detention Forum August 2014 247.89 KB
Report The State of Detention 2014 Detention Action 3.04 MB