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A Tale of Two Cities – new Cities of Sanctuary recognised – Cardiff and Newcastle

City of Sanctuary is the most exciting and dynamic initiative in the Refugee world
Maurice Wren, CEO Refugee Council.

June, when the tenacity and contribution of refugees is recognized across the globe, saw celebrations as Newcastle and Cardiff were both awarded as recognized Cities of Sanctuary.
With innovative work going on in streams, involvement of mainstream services in steering groups and public spaces like museums and theatres signing up for sanctuary, the comments of refugees tell the biggest story:

People are amazing in Cardiff, everyone is friendly!

In Newcastle, everyone has time for each other, people have made me feel so welcome!

City of Sanctuary is delighted that Newcastle and Cardiff join the existing recognised cities of Sheffield, Bristol and Coventry and recently reviewed with great success – Bradford and Swansea. This makes 7 cities recognised across the network.

Will yours be next? For further information please contact Tiffy.
See the reports from Cardiff and Newcastle attached below, to read about the strengths and the unique offer from these cities.

Attachment Size
Newcastle Recogntion Report 514.5 KB
Cardiff Recognition Report 51 KB