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On 15 January 2014 and 21 January 2014, Kirklees City Council and Swansea City Council respectively passed motions against the destitution of asylum seekers. We congratulate both cities. The motions are strongly worded and resolve to join Still Human Still Here. A total of nine Councils have now passed motions on destitution. Leicester City have tabled this motion next month, so hopefully this will make it ten.
For a framework motion which can be tailored to local situations or further information, see our pages on destitution or contact Mike Kaye of Still Human Still Here: [email protected].

Barry Sheerman has tabled a motion in Parliament (EDM No.905) which raises concerns that support rates under section 4 and section 95 are often not sufficient to cover essential medical, food and transport costs and urges the Government to raise these support rates to a minimum of £45.44 per person per week and supports a move towards cash methods for distributing support payments. The motion has cross party support and can be accessed at: if you are in contact with your MP please ask them to support this motion.