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Ipsos MORI report – Perceptions and reality about public attitudes to immigration in the UK.

The report is structured around key themes: after an initial review of overall attitudes to immigration, there are separate chapters focusing on attitudes towards the economic, fiscal and cultural impact of immigration. Further chapters examine public views towards different immigrant groups, the national versus local perception gap and the relationship between media output and views of immigration. The final chapter examines views of the government’s handling of immigration. As well as the full report, Ipsos-MORI have also produced a summary report, ‘Perceptions and reality: 10 things we should know about attitudes to immigration in the UK’. You can see this and the full report and press release here.
A paragraph of concern to us in City of Sanctuary is as follows;
“However, those most in favour of reducing immigration “a lot” are White Britons living in
“asylum dispersal areas”. These are areas with high worklessness and high social housing
levels where the perceived threat of competition for resources from asylum seekers is likely
to be keenly felt (places like Bolton, Portsmouth, Swansea and Rotherham).”
This is why the awareness raising work is so important to us. Asylum seekers constitute a small proportion of all migrants – less that 4% and are denied the right to work.