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New report on destitution in the North East

Report on destitution in the North East

The University of Sunderland has published a report on the experiences of destitute asylum seekers in the North East, “Between destitution and a hard place; finding strength to survive refusal from the asylum system: a case study from the North East of England”. It documents the daily struggles that refused sanctuary seekers face and how they find the strength to survive, developing resilience through their struggle for justice. This is a powerful report that provides insight and understanding and recommendations for policy and practice and well worth a read. It provides research evidence to support the human side of the story that we need to be alerting local city councils to and our efforts to get motions on destitution considered.
The report is attached as a file. For further information contact Dr Fiona Cuthill at the University of Sunderland at: [email protected]

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