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The much awaited paper, Developing a Culture of Welcome, is now available to all groups and is an update to our handbook as well as an important set of guidelines to all groups and streams.

The paper an be found here as an attached file, downloaded from the resources page or ordered from the National Coordinator, [email protected]

This paper complements and updates the information you will find in our booklet and on the website, and represents the way ahead for us all in promoting, encouraging, enabling and celebrating the culture of welcome we are all committed to. We would like to ask you to take time to look through it carefully and to share it with your steering group or local committee, and to put it on the agenda for your next steering group/committee meeting if that is possible. Hopefully the formatting will make it easy for your to print copies.

Just to remind you and summarize the contents of the paper:

SECTION 1- a summary of what we are all committed to and the baseline of what our groups are all about

SECTION 2 – an introduction to the Sanctuary Award which will largely be in the hands of local groups but assisted by the National Appraisal Committee

SECTION 3 – a revised outline of how to become a recognized City of Sanctuary and of the review process for cities which have already received recognition.

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