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This is South Wales commended

Swansea City of Sanctuary has commended local newspaper This is South Wales for balanced reporting on refugee and asylum issues.

The commendation came in the light of the Leveson Inquiry, which was concerned by tabloid press reporting on asylum seekers, concluding that “asylum seekers are regularly presented in a negative light in the mainstream media, and in particular the tabloid press”.

Swansea City of Sanctuary said:

“We commend and congratulate the South Wales Evening Post on its consistently positive and balanced reporting of stories which more often than not highlight the positive contribution of migrants — both economic and social — to Swansea.
“This is in line with Swansea’s City of Sanctuary status, and with its long history of welcoming migrant communities which have all played their part in achieving the vibrant mix of cultures we see in our city today — from the Swans to Joe’s Ice cream — migrants have played an important part.
“Although there are still problems of hate crime and discrimination in Swansea, overall we feel proud that our city is a welcoming place and are reassured that this is reflected in our local press.”

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