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Response to COMPASS 2012

City of Sanctuary is committed to promoting and guarding the welfare and well being of all those seeking sanctuary. As such we hold concerns about the implications and outworkings of the UKBA’s new COMPASS initiative, under which all contracts for providing asylum accommodation are now awarded to large private companies.

In order to ensure the best possible opportunity for newly dispersed asylum seekers, we encourage local groups to build networks and seek support and cooperation from all parties involved, including local authorities and private companies where relevant. We recognize that a variety of responses to this situation may be appropriate, including public awareness raising, positive engagement with all service providers, and, where necessary, challenging and opposing poor practice and decision making. With groups such as UKBA, G4S, SERCO, Cascade, Ready Homes, other housing providers and policy makers etc, this basic policy has not changed; we will engage with them in as much as this can benefit sanctuary seekers, and we will commend good practice while speaking out and challenging poor practice when we see it.

In addition, in the spirit of networking, enabling and empowering our local groups and partnerships, we are happy to pass on examples of good practice from city to city and region to region.

The above statement was adopted by the Trustees of City of Sanctuary after full consultation and a formal electronic meeting between 21 and 28 November 2012.

For more information please contact our national coordinator, Tiffy Allen at:
[email protected]