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Refugee Business celebrated by Jamie Oliver

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver will highlight a business started by refugee couple in his new programme ‘Jamie’s Great Britain’ this November. Look out for the programme on Channel 4 at 9pm on Tuesday 1st November.
People who have sampled the food and decor at Darvish Restaurant in Leeds agree that chef Morteza has created something very special. It is great to see this added to the long list of successul businesses that generations of refugees have brought to Yorkshire.
For details of the programme,see below.

Episode 2 is on next Tue 1 Nov at 9pm on Channel 4.…
Jamie travels to Yorkshire to sample Yorkshire puddings and ale, Jewish chicken soup, Persian delicacies, Chinese cuisine, and Eccles cakes.
Jamie uncovers how the Industrial Revolution, and the need for immigrant workers, changed everything from the people on our streets to the food on our plates.
He starts his trip at the Kings Arms pub in the village of Heath where huge Yorkshire puddings are washed down with pints of ale.
In Leeds, home to the third-largest Jewish community in Britain, Jamie samples smoked fish and meets a group of young brewers who are making incredible pub recipes with their beers.
He visits Iranian chef Morteza Keshtkar-Bagheri and joins Chiu Lueng at the Chinese Community centre as he helps dish up lunch to 40 guests.
Jamie cooks Persian-inspired lamb shanks with British ale, and celeriac and potato mash, Pimm’s stewed rhubarb and rice pudding, baby Yorkshire puddings with Jewish smoked trout and horseradish pate, and weekend Eccles cakes.