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Swansea City of Sanctuary in the House of Lords

Swansea sanctuary-seeker Anna Mammedova won a national essay writing competition in which she nominated a Swansea City of Sanctuary committee member, Keith Ross, in The Peer Factor: Who Would You Put in the House of Lords and Why?

Anna and Keith are going to London to meet the Lord Speaker, the Right Honourable Baroness Hayman, on Monday.

“I am really, really happy!” said Anna. “I was confident about my essay but I did not expect to win.”

Anna described Keith as “a man who I have great respect towards, someone who I can trust and rely upon, someone who has immense experience of the world”.

Anna and her Mum and brother have recently been granted asylum, after several traumatic episodes including time in a detention centre, where Anna made friends with visiting actress Juliet Stevenson.

Keith said, “Anna is going to make a real contribution to British society,” he added.

“She is a dead cert for university. And her brother is a very good footballer.”