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The newly formed London City of Sanctuary group have been showing that refugees are important and valued citizens of the capital by unfurling a ‘Refugees Welcome Here’ banner at 50 iconic sites on Saturday June 20th as part of Refugee Week’s ‘Simple Acts’ campaign.

In 10 hours, during a single day, the group unfurled its banner at theatres, government departments, galleries, hotels, places of worship and tourist sites, from Chelsea Football Club in the West to Canary Wharf in the East, from Lords Cricket Ground in North London to the London Eye on the South Bank.

To mark the fact that the group is campaigning for London to become the first ever Olympic City of Sanctuary, the banner was also unfurled outside the Olympic site in East London.

Chair of London City of Sanctuary, Alexandra Feacham, said: “This is a very simple, very direct of showing that many Londoners are actually very welcoming to refugees, recognising the contribution they make to the city and how they make London the special place it is. However, many refugees do feel excluded from the most famous places in London, either because of negative attitudes or because London is so expensive. Through London City of Sanctuary, we want to open up more of London to all our communities, including refugees and asylum seekers.”

A small team, on bicycles, visited all the sites, but other members of London City of Sanctuary group, plus the stars from Actors for Human Rights, joined up with them for a photo opportunity at the London Eye.

The action was a triumph for the London City of Sanctuary group, making the lead story on BBC London news on Saturday.

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