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WALKTALK is a walk with a difference. Starting in
Leeds on 19th July, a group of people will be walking to
London with an aim to talk to people, walk in one another’s shoes, to
understand, influence and learn from one another, and together shape
a better society.


A challenging journey for mind and body and one
which has never been tried before.

It is hoped that the dialogue will continue in
each of the communities where WALKTALK stops overnight, so creating a
chain of human connections between Leeds and London as well as
focussing attention on projects which are already fostering local
community cohesion en route.

The core key team of
WALKTALKERS including Gill Hicks, Joe Kerr, Zulfi Hussain MBE and the
team at Together for Peace aim to cover about 10 miles each day,
spanning one month in total.

There will be Official Points at locations along
the route for people to come and join WALKTALK, whether for an hour
or two, or more as the team walk through.

I’m going to be joining the walktalkers from
Rotherham to Sheffield on Thursday 24th July.

For more information please look up