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“The development and expansion of the ‘City of Sanctuary’ movement is
expressly to be encouraged as one way of forming a centre ground for sanctuary
at a local level”, according to The Independent Asylum Commission.

The IAC has just published the first report of its conclusions and
recommendations for reform of the UK asylum system: ‘Saving Sanctuary’ (available here.)

These recommendations are intended to offer policy-makers a set of
well-researched and achievable actions to create a more just, humane and
effective system for people seeking sanctuary in the UK.

The report is well-timed for us, as on 4th June we will be holding our first
national conference for new City of Sanctuary groups, with representatives from over 15 towns and cities around the UK. The conference will also be attended by the new Leader of Sheffield City Council, Paul Scriven, and the Chief Executive of the Refugee Council, Donna Covey.